Meet the relocation team!

Hello Lake Anne Residents!

We are Hannagh Jacobsen and Katie Provencher, the co-founders of HousingToHome, a relocation company based in Boston, Massachusetts that provides services up and down the east coast. HousingToHome’s core services include resident relocation, resident engagement, and community building and we are here to help you through this process of moving from Lake Anne Fellowship House to the new Lake Anne House next year.

We know that this can be overwhelming but want you to know that we will provide full relocation services to every resident. This will include ensuring you know the benefits and assistance you are eligible for; meeting to review your unique relocation needs and explain the relocation timeline and process to the resident and any friends/family/caregivers that you want involved in the process; scheduling, coordinating and supervising the packing/unpacking and move with an insured and licensed moving company; coordinating the transfer of any in-home services and deliveries; and assisting with any required paperwork related to your move, including a USPS change of address form. We will work with property management and the development team to provide frequent updates to all residents throughout the relocation process. And we’re not done once you’ve moved! We will follow up post-move to address any remaining questions or concerns.

We have a commitment to high-quality service to residents undergoing moves and relocation due to a project redevelopment like at Lake Anne House. We pride ourselves on being the coordinator between each affected resident and their relocation and being able to answer and address any questions or concerns a resident has regarding their move. Once things are in full swing later this year, you will have a full-time Relocation Manager who will carry out all of the above tasks and maintain regular office hours at Lake Anne Fellowship House. As soon as this person is on board, we will send out contact information and invite residents to meet them in a virtual or COVID-19 safe manner. In the meantime, Katie and Hannagh are providing ongoing support to the development and management team as they plan for relocation.

We are looking forward to working with you! Stay healthy,

Hannagh and Katie

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Feb 16